I have shelved my music pursuits indefinitely, as I work with my partner in building Golden Horseshoe Aviation, Canadian Pro Drivers and Geraghty Consulting. It has been a blast meeting such talented artists and new music. You’ll probably still see me at the occasional concert. Until then …

The Lulu Demaine Story

lulu8Lulu Demaine is the name of my company. Having a person’s name may be a bit confusing to some. Why not name the company something impersonal and more descriptive? Say Musician’s Friend or Amplify? The answer is threefold:

-First, I like the sound of it. The name itself seems musical, whimsical, fun, and creative.
-At a deeper level, I wanted my company to have a personality and soul. Too many corporations enjoy the benefits of having rights without the associated obligations. I wanted to ensure that I never lost sight of being connected to a social circle.
-It may seem counter intuitive to espouse transparency and use a company name that looks like a personal one. Yet, Lulu Demaine is an essential part of me. The names reflect my history and the mark milestones on the journey that ultimately led me to open this company.

More to come ….