Country Music Panel 2015

The following represents notes taken during the 2015 Indie101 BIG BUSINESS: COUNTRY MUSIC IN THE 21ST CENTURY panel. 

PANELISTS: Michael Peters (MDP Music Media), Jessica Mitchell (Country Artist). Moderated by Sam Arraj (Country Music Association Ontario).

It’s Your Shot
*Apply! Even if you don’t win it opens doors and builds relationships.

Traditional vs. Modern Paths
*building your brand is like building a business. You need to build a buzz.
*Be the product people want to buy. Know what sets you apart. Know where you can have immediate impact and build out from there.
*Use new media to add innovative content. Make it an experience people won’t forget.
*Relationships are fundamental. Introduce yourself to people at shows and conferences.
* Join associations (CMAO). Country is unique in this sense. There are not equivalent associations for rock musicians.
*Do radio visits.

What is Country?
*we need a Nirvana moment – a change. Things are starting to sound the same.
*Country is about stories,
*Fans are younger than before

Ask yourself
*What will make people want to see me
*what is your identity and be consistent (e.g. Road Hammers are the bad A$$es of country and capitalize on the “party” segment of the scene)

360 Model
-be innovative in your revenue streams (sync licensing, modelling, podcasts, live)


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