Critical Secrets that Monetize and Magnetize your Live Show

The following represents my notes taken during  Tom Jackson’s Presentation at The Artist Empowerment Firm Create your own Industry Summit Hosted by Jo-Na Williams in Nov. 2013

Create Memorable Moments on Stage

  • Rearrange radio songs for the stage
  • Have engaging song intros

Key requirements for “Stardom”

  • Be teachable
  • Enact your natural presence not a persona
  • Be comfortable in your own body
  • Know is you are dating or married to your audience

o   If dating – newer fan base mans need to connect quickly
o   Married – fan base has followed for long time & is loyal
o   How you perform for each crowd will be different

BIG Mistakes Artists Make at Live Shows

  • Just because the Artists feels it they think the audience felt it too
  • Failing to actually gauge audience involvement
  • Failing to put things into your show allow you to connect with and listen to your audience (Ask them question. Talk to them. Throw out hooks.)
  • People think spontaneity is making it up as you go. It is developed. It is NOT winging it.

Creating Moments
o   When something works, keep it. When it doesn’t work, revamp it
o   You need a plan: Where will the audience cry, laugh, sing along?
o   Create those moments in rehearsal
o   Have a plot, take the audience on a journey.

Practice ≠ Rehearsal

Practice = Fine tuning your skills.

Rehearsal = putting songs, performance, stage presence/banter into meaningful form

Not Being Aware of Non-Verbal Signals on Stage

o   Be intentional about body and face gestures. Point out your own shortfall

Lacking Charisma
o   You need to overcome stage fright
o   Be confident.  The more prepared (practiced + rehearsed) you are the more confident you will be
o   Have authority

  • This comes from the inside out.
  • Is this your calling? Then own the gig. You are the reason people are there!

o   Take risks (on and off stage)
o   Arrange songs in manner that allows your charisma to reveal itself.
o   Remember, people are there for a show! Otherwise they would be home listening to a CD.

Not differentiating between songs
o   If not all your songs sound the same, why do they look the same?
o   Use the stage
o   Move around
o   Understand the angles
o   If a song is loud and rockin – you move that way
o   If it is slow and soft, keep it in the pocket e.g. sit on barstool)

Your audience is not full of musicians

o   The song is recorded in a way that suits the radio. Not a live performance. On stage you don’t have to limit yourself to 2.45 minutes.


  • People go to shows to create moments (memories) not to hear songs

o   People buy a song because they felt something at your show

  • Make sure you play the right songs in the right place

o   Don’t give dessert before the appetizer.

Foundational skills

o   Walk out onto stage and own it (authority)
-Lead the audience on a journey

Technical Skill

o   Know what tools to use
o   Look into Tom Jackson’s 4 ways to get places on Stag

Move IN

o   Bring your personality to the show
o   Rearrange songs so you are in control of the song, rather than he song controlling you
o   If you don’t feel free on stage, the audience will not connect with you

Five Streams of Revenue

      • Ticket sales/pay
      • Merch
      • Charity – Cross promotion?
      • & 5. – guess I will have to buy his book “Live Music Method”


See an interview with Tom here

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