The following represents notes taken during the GETTING THE WORD OUT: INDIE PUBLICITY & SOCIAL MEDIA panel at Indie Week 2015.

PANELISTS: John Asher (Asher Media Relations), Bruce Bradley (Slammin Media), Yvonne Valnea (Last Tango Productions), Angela Mastriogiacomo (Muddy Paw PR). Moderated by Eric Alper.

Social Media takes a team. Custom images take time to create when able hire artist or learn about graphic software.

When you do get coverage (exposure, press, PR) amplify that via social media. Additionally, bloggers want to see that you have a following and will support them in return.

When papers started culling their writing flock, music editors and columns were the first ones cut. You have to cast a wider net than ever before. Reach out internationally. Give social media followers something to talk about.

You most likely won’t get an exclusive unless it is a BIG story or you have a strong buzz.

Twitter is on the decline. There is a migration towards pictures. Thus, the importance of instagram. Never cross post from instagram to twitter. It looks tacky. Every post should have an image (food on instagram). Can also now share songs on instagram.

Be your own brand on social media. Roseanne Cash has more twitter followers than people that buy her music. She makes funny posts and rarely posts about music. However, all followers are potential future buyers. If you’re looking to find things to post about that aren’t self-promotional, ask Eric Alper for his list of 85 things to tweet about that aren’t about you (Favorite movies, restaurants).  Do recommendations. “I just ate X here”

When doing self-promo be creative. Post pictures of soundcheck, other bands playing, fans waiting.

A publicist is essentially a story pitcher. When acting as one set aside the song for a moment and think about what will draw people to it = the story. The story draws people into the sale. You also need an angle. when tweeting think about your character. What is the lead? What will get Ben Rayner’s attention? It is the difference between TIME magazine (5Ws) and Upworthy (shares why the story is relevant with the goal of evoking an emotion). Think about what people want. Not what they need. What is your why? Separate yourself from the pack. Watch this TED talk. (Basically pople don’t buy because of what you do, but because of WHY you do it).

Become conversational. Personalize your touch.

Look at thought leaders and those who are succeeding (Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber). How are they framing filtering their social posts. Why are they succeeding.

Finding Your Home: Try new platforms once. Know where and how you can find your target market. Post funny spoof videos, fan videos (involve them and give merch discounts for sharing).

Comes down to Incentives + Publicity

Look to marketing magazines like Strategy Magazine for ideas,



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