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The following represents my notes taken from a random Pinterest webinar:

How to Use Pinterest
-On your website – have a “pinit” button below images
-Integrate Pinterest with Facebook

Go to
-Create business Pinterest Account
-Can connect to personal account if like
-Gives greater access to analytics and tools

Three Step Process
1. Create Content that is optimized for Pinterest
2. This increases your visibility
3. Leads to more sales/fan conversion

This can be done in as little as an hour a week
-Goal is to get others to promote your content for you

5 Ideas for Powerful Pins
1. Create Infographics around your brand
2. Checklists – what would you customers want?
3. Tutorials
4. Teaser Text (a visual with some text from a blog post or article to encourage people to visit your site
5. Videos (can pin directly from you tube)

1. Creating Infographics –
2. Teaser Pins –
3. Video Recording –screenflow (Mac)
a. Allows to records your screen e.g. to walk through a presentation
4. Image descriptions
a. Always have images that have a
i. call to action
ii. Keywords (especially important for google ranking)
iii. Link
iv. If relevant, price. (Can only get into gifts category if price is listed)

Pin Smart
-Early morning or Late night
BEST time = Saturday Morning
-Host a contest = Pin it to Win It
-Create your own Pinit Channel – a board of  JUST Videos

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