Promoting Music: Panel Sessions Indie Week 2013

Music Industry Past & Present:
Notes from Panel Session Canadian Music Week 2013: With Gavin Michael Booth, Karen Bliss

Launch Party: host one where you get band and friends together to do a social media blast all at once,
-Time the release when people will be at home. Think of when your target market will be in front of a screen
-Don’t forget totarget at several times

Get your video closed captioned. The average cost is $300-$500. This is required for rotation on MuchMusic

The industry is changing rapidly. You need to be creative to make money now. Build a strong fan base and ask them what they want.
Touring and licensing are also still viable.
Touring can be especially beneficial if get on the college circuit. COCA and NACA conferences
Licensing – own your mastering recordings. Get placements and find music supervisors for shows.
Youtube: monetization option.
-Youtube is also hugely important for booking gigs. Booking agents look at how many views your videos have.
-Better to have fewer (3 songs) songs with awesome videos than lots of low quality
-It is essentially your online press kit now

Build momentum around your brand.
-colloborate with other artists.

There are no big deals anymore. Rather than signing with a label, little money adds up.

Treat your music as a business. Keep good records. Costs/risks.
“Be smart in corporate, but keep feet on street”

Always be anticipating the industry will change again
-be open to new ideas
-be creative in how you get yourself out ehere

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