Engage! : Building Your Audience

The following represents notes taken during the 2015 Indie101 panel Ready, Set … Engage! : Building Your Audience through Effective Online Content

PANELISTS: Andrew Moore (Felony Case), Zach Bussey (Zach Bussey Blog), Ashley Sperling (MapleMusic Recordings), Josh Mateer (Warner Music UK). Moderated by Dani Gagnon

Felony Case Case Study
*built brand and marketing strategy exclusively through instagram
*took time to build a core group of followers
*this core group became instrumental. Included them by posting the design process, making them feel part of the process.
*Also always posted a strong call to action listing the name of the case and shop now link
*instragram now allows sponsored ads. Has served Felony Case well, though exact metrics are not available
*Follow people back. Not just clicking follow. Actually look through their photos and comment.

*As with all social media, the key is creating a conversation.
* run exclusive sneak peeks.
*repost followers content
*relate to hot/trending topics.
*directly message people when they follow or retweet.

*Website analytics matter. Be able to tell sponsors how many people visit your website.

*Need to be on here. Next to iTunes it is the 2nd player in the space,
*Look into digital distributors
*Get on Playlists! Many are user generated. Find out who curates them and reach out to them.

* Radio shows have them. Mood based ones. Explain how your music would fit in.
*Provide content that is exclusive to that playlist. (e.g. Undercover Bros on Exclaim!- band covered                    a song and then playlist played the cover and the original)
*Create a CONTENT PLAN – what can be exclusive to that media, your mailing list?

*Also Topsify (owned by Warner) but 50% of content is music that is not signed to their label.

Beefing Up your Content
*Partner with a charity. For instance Guitars for Girls.
*Doing so created content (video of girls learning how to play), media attention (NOW)

-be willing to spend money. Even a dollar a day on Facebook can make a huge difference. Displays to more pople. If people click or comment, growth will happen organically.
-Use google adwords
-promoted ads on Twitter

*If you post a youtube video on Facebook, it doesn’t count as a view on Youtube. To get views up, add video directly to Facebook or a link to a trailer
*Use link shorteners (Smarturls).

-Create a smart url account. Track the links, where they have come from.
-Can create one url that will drive people to the proper buy link based on their IP address.

Know what the platform demands
*Twitter is more reactionary, casual and public. Post as often as you want.
*Facebook is more personal. Try not to post more than once a day. If boosting the post, let it sit awhile and grow. Be aware of what you page looks like. Are you posting the same content over and over. Can create a “dark” ad vs. sponsored ad.
*Best times to post tend to be 8am, lunch, drive home.
*Post unique content to each platform. Message can be same, but visual different. Frame for the platform
*If fans are under 30 be on snapchat. Be creative and show behind the scenes content / personality of the band
*Preschedule filler content with Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, but beware these posts will get less views than manual posts. (Also “Publisher” is a scheduler for Instagram)
*Your website should be treated a social media hub. You want to ensure that what happens on the socials doesn’t all look the same on your hub.
*Respond to everything — even if it is negative. Deal with comments as if you were talking to that person in the real world. NEVER delete posts. Acknowledge your mistakes.
*Periscope can be used for live streams while on tour or talking to fans before a show. Note it eats a lot of data so try to use WiFi and have a mobile phone charger. Nothing worse than losing a feed halfway through

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